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pure CRIOLLO CACAO tempering q's

I AM tempering hawaiian CRIOLLO cacao...
@deedee devi 13 years ago - Comments: 13
deedee devi

weight translation from NIB to CACAO LIQUOR

ALOHA cacao LOVERS!does anyONE KNOW...
@deedee devi 13 years ago - Comments: 6

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hand tempering ... YIKES!
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Dusty Thomas
06/09/10 11:45:36AM @dusty-thomas:
Hi Dee Dee- I was trying to contact you with a private message but I cant do that until you accept my friend invite...
Fernando Crespo
05/11/10 11:51:33PM @fernando-crespo:
Hello Deedee yes I export cacao beans to USA, but my buyers are most of them the factories, like Mars, Blommer and also a broker General cocoa. My oders buyers are small chocolate producers they produce raw chocolate but really I havent tray that chocolate. How much cacao you buy for year, where are you front?saludos abrazosFernando
John Hepler
03/26/10 11:26:43PM @john-hepler:
yes, the only name they have for it is white cacao jsh
John Hepler
03/26/10 09:45:18AM @john-hepler:
Hi DeeDee, nice to hear from youNames tend to be very local, CUPUACU sounds Brazilian but maybe hawaiian. Not in Nicaragua. The way to tell this one is it is the only one whose new leaves are pale green. Most new cacao leaves are reddish.By the way, I'm very unhip to the tech of groups like this. Can't find where my letter was posted. It was sent to the Chocolate Science group