Cheese and Chocolate -- shelf life?

Jennifer Thamer
03/18/10 12:39:55AM
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Hello everyone,

I'm working on a soft cheese filling for a dark chocolate -- I know it may sound odd -- but was curious if others had tried the combination and had any insight into its shelf life? Thanks so much! Jenny

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03/18/10 10:22:18AM
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be careful. if its pure cheese its gonna spoil very very fast at room temp. if its an emulsion of chocolate, cheese, glucose you will get better shelf life.
03/18/10 03:31:43PM
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I have used triple-creme cheese as if it were butter with great success. If you never use butter in your existing ganaches, try some experimentation. You might end up playing around a little with your formula to get the texture right, but if your regular ganaches are stable, these will be too.
03/22/10 10:48:43PM
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I did a Blueberry Gouda filled dark chocolate. Its shelf life was about 16 days. I played around and added some Pot Sorbate to a few, and that pushed the shelf life to about 22-23 days, but I decided to nix the additive when I took the product to market.
Heather Bergman
08/09/12 12:49:56PM
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Hi Chris,

were your initial blueberry gouda's (by the way -YUUUMMMMM) straight up bits of cheese enrobed with tempered chocolate? Have you found if single or double dipping makes them any more impervious to fat bloom?


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