Healthy Chocolate

Carolyn Wright
10/14/13 03:03:40PM
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I have made the most amazing discovery. Chocolate that can heal. There is chocolate that can help you lose weight, relive stress, and much more. Check it out at [ Editor note: link removed because it promotes a MLM product, company, service. ]

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Brad Churchill
10/14/13 04:31:02PM
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...and heal bones, increase sex drive, promote fertility, paint your fence, wash your clothes, walk your dog, and even pick winning lottery numbers for you!



10/15/13 12:27:49AM
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I need some too!I checked out their website and was dissapointed. Their super truffle is turbo charged with cod oil. Granted its processed in their careful manner but as far as relevance to the health benefits of the chocolate they didn't go into it. :(Their chocolate seems to be a plain Jane chocolate from Italy. (Plain Jane because it has vanilla extract.)I'll pass on their chocolate but Brad if your chocolate will walk my dog and paint my fence ill start driving to your shops tonight. ;)
Carolyn Wright
10/15/13 09:10:18AM
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Wow. How sarcastic. Someone needs a nap or something.

10/16/13 12:55:53AM
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Yep I could certainly use a nap.From your original post I expected the site to discuss some health aspects of chocolate but was disappointed that it was more of an advertisement to drive traffic to a distributor's site of this chocolate. I flipped through several pages of the site and did not find discussion about chocolate rather fou d that chocolate was the medium for delivering other healthful ingredients.To be honest I got a big kick out of Brad's reply. Sarcasm or no it made me smile.There is plenty to share about chocolate on here. For example here is a link about some specific health benefits of cacao (chocolate) There is a classifieds section for advertising.Beyond that this website is a treasure filled with information on the tricky treat we love. Chocolate.
Clay Gordon
10/17/13 04:42:11AM
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This discussion has been closed and the link removed because the link is to an MLM company/product.

clay -
03/22/17 10:31:12PM
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Research points to flavanols – substances that help lower blood pressure and improve vascular function improve cognitive function , and even provides UV protection for our skin! Dark chocolate has a higher proportion of flavanols than milk chocolate.

Brad Churchill
03/26/17 04:05:46AM
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Haha!  Gretahass that was funny.  General statements about flavanols and UV protection...  Maybe I should just spread dark chocolate on my skin instead of SPF15.

How about we look at FACTS - such as the one that says dark chocolate (say 70%) is approximately 65% fat and sugar.  I challenge ANYONE to name one health food that is 65% fat and sugar and call it a health food with a straight face.

Chocolate is CANDY whether it's dark candy, milk candy, or white candy.

You want healthy food?  Eat a salad.

03/26/17 08:55:08PM
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        Brad, I am with you on the eating chocolate for the health benefits a one part joke and one part a marketing ploy by the industry to sell more of it. Lol. I get people walking into my store and asking me for healthy chocolate all the time, I used waste my breath and try to explain the " fat and sugar" issue, but now I just tell them to go to their local supermarket and buy cocoa powder. I suppose that if the choice is between eating a supermarket pumpkin, pecan of apple pie, or a chocolate bar, the  chocolate bar is in theory a healthier alternative.


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