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Eddie Hernandez
09/10/11 06:05:35PM
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Anytime you can provide a quality product at an economic price you have a winner. This is the case with Colombian Chocolate products. The quality of Colombian Chocolate is considered if not the best one, one the best in the world. The cost of manufacturing in Colombia is one of the lowest in the world. Combine these two factors and you have the recipe for high profits. COINEX can help put you together with a finished product or contract manufacturing for specific custom products. Contact ehernandez@coinex.com.co or visit our website to learn more about all the services COINEX can provide. www.coinex.com.co
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Clay Gordon
09/10/11 09:14:53PM
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Can you please provide some more details about specifics of Colombian cocoa? In order to make good chocolate you have to start out with good cocoa.

Does Coinex operate in a specific province (I know that Santander grows the most cocoa, followed by Huila and then Arauca), what sorts of varietals you're working with, what is typical of your post-harvest processing processes to improve quality. You mention some of the lowest manufacturing costs - I assume that is chocolate - but what is the differential between the price at the gate, the local market price, and the price the exporter pays - and then receives?

I know the Colombian government is committed to a vast expansion of the cocoa industry in the next decade, growing production from 42,000MT in 2006 to over 200,000MT in 2020.

:: Clay

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