chocovison or hillard?

11/22/13 07:04:05PM
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hey chocolatelife people how are you? i work making candies and gummies for a private company in boulder CO. My new goal is to produce some chocolate goodies. I have some knowledge of chocolate, my main question is what would be the best equipment to get?

I am looking on producing about 5 to 10 kg per day, probably more though! any advice will be greatly appreciated :)

i was thinking a hillard's little dipper, or the chocovision delta or X3210. Any knowledge on this machines?

my goal is to make truffles, chocolate candy bars, lots of dipped goodies, like pretzels, mint etc. what would be better for my type of work?

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Trula R
11/29/13 07:33:53PM
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I have no experience with the little dipper, but I have worked with the x3210 a bit. I really love everything about the x3210. It's quiet, easy to use, not too heavy, and works perfectly for me every time. The bowl is also plenty big enough to hand dip items or easily use a ladle or such to dispense chocolate. I think chocovision also sells a new accessory that you can attach to the delta or x3210 that dispenses the chocolate in a stream for easy molding of bars and such. Good luck deciding!

11/29/13 11:06:40PM
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Could you tell us more about what you'll be making?

I'd go with the larger x3210. It will be much easier to dip your pretzels and other large items.

It will also be much easier to produce a quantity of molds for your bars because not only is the bowl bigger in the revolation machine, you can get a Holey Baffle that will increase the melted capacity from 10 pounds up to17 pounds. :)

We have 1 little dipper and 2 x3210s. I prefer to work with the little dipper, but we primarily do small confections.

The new dispenser for the revolation machine would make filling molds MUCH easier.

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