Sweating Sea Salt

Michael Beery
09/27/14 12:27:34PM
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I'm looking for help with an odd thing happening with Fumee De Sal smoked Sea Salt and our dark and milk chocolate. After we top the chocolate with the salt, hours later the salt begins to sweat; on some days, it went so far as to completely dissolve into salt water puddles on our chocolate bark. Temperature, humidity, and many other factors seemed to be the same or similar as many times when this did not happened. No other outside factors seem to play a part that we can deduce. Something was different! Any thoughts?

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Potomac Chocolate
09/28/14 08:11:32AM
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I had this happen to me a few times in the past, but it was due to the humidity in the room. I haven't had it happen again since I got that under control.


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