Bulk Chocolate-Covered Nuts and Pretzels

Mickey Miller
10/24/16 05:36:33PM
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Has anyone purchased bulk chocolate-covered nuts and chocolate-covered pretzels? If so, from where?

These are items I'd be willing to purchase for resale in my shop if I could find varieties that taste as good as the ones I'm currently making.  I use Callebaut milk and white chocolates and Chocovic dark chocolate. I don't have a panner, so we do nut clusters.

As I'm gearing up for a move to a much larger facility, training new staff, and heading into the holidays, I need to focus my production resources on my best sellers and highest-profit items.  Chocolate-covered nuts and pretzels are consistent sellers, but seem like a good place to save labor.

Clay Gordon
10/25/16 11:45:29AM
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Where are you located?

clay - http://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/
Mickey Miller
10/26/16 12:35:19PM
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Clay, I'm in Mount Vernon, Iowa, which is near Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.  Not a very large metro area and not a lot of distributors.  I get my couverture and many of my other ingredients from online sources.


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