Cost of couverture in Australia

Chris Grain
09/01/11 06:59:40PM
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We operate a medium sized chocolate business in a tourist town in the very south of Western Australia. We have been trading for nearly two years and have enjoyed the challenge. Despite good turnover it'sa struggle to get a return on the investment.

A major factor is the cost of couverture in Australia.A 10kg bag of Callebaut willcost around $180 inAustralia whereaswe understandin the UK it would be about fifty five pounds and in the US around eightydollars(US).

So why is it more thantwice the price in Oz? Could it be that onlyonecompany has the import rights?Has anyone managed to get a better deal on other brands?


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09/01/11 08:19:24PM
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If you are using a lot or can buy more in bulk it is work talking to the guys who are supplying you and getting them to knock it back. Or go further up the chain to their supplier and get if from them if you are purchasing a lot - that is what one of my friends did.

That price though $18 per kg is a pretty good price in this country though.

Richard Foley
09/04/11 09:20:33PM
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Sounds like importer is charging too much. Or duty in Australia is really high. I would shop around or even contact Callebaut direct for an expanded list of sellers. They may even sell you direct or sell you product from their factory in Singapore which may be duty free. Callebaut cost in USA is around $5.50 US per KG if you buy 2000 lbs direct from them. You can't make money at this AU prices for sure.


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