valrhona chocolate ... the best of each category?

james mackay
03/05/12 12:01:02PM
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I want to know what is the best general valrhona chocolate in each category of bittersweet, semisweet, milk and white chocolate.

There is no need for the best for white chocolate since there is only one :P... Ivoire


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03/05/12 03:50:15PM
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taste it and tell us. it's a bit like me asking you which citroen is the best - you may have something compeltely different in mind as to what constitutes 'best'. the 'best' way , imo, is to decide for yourself 8-)

james mackay
03/05/12 04:10:03PM
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the reason why I'm asking is because there is no small package for valrhona from where I live to taste try. The only thing available is 3kg bag which range from $60-75 depending on the kind of chocolates. Which can put me in the hole for over 200 bucks, which i hope it great tasting lol or else is worthless unless I try to sell it to my friends

So I thought i get an idea of what people view valrhona chocolate... I'm currently using callebaut because it easily available

03/06/12 06:12:44PM
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You can see which Valrhona chocolates I enjoy most by checking out my list at ChocoFiles . See the Alphabetical list with the description: "Alphabetical list (by company name) of all the chocolate bars that I've reviewed."


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