Enrober Paper redux

Andy Ciordia
08/24/12 04:57:44PM
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I tried to bring thisolder thread back to life, but was unable to. I've had a heck of a time finding a paper supplier. My search queries must just be off, most people don't talk about custom paper spindles or cases-- and the person mentioned in the old thread I can't find hide nor hair of.

I'd like to stop ordering what I consider parchment paper on a 6" spool from Canada to the Carolina's. The freight and distance make it unreasonable on cost. (Enro2 Perfect owner here)

Anyone have some further ideas on where to source spools for their enrober?

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Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
08/24/12 09:05:34PM
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Andy, I had my paper guy source it from Seattle. They needed to know the spool type so I took a photo and showed them. They sent (at no charge) 6 rolls as a test. The paper was a little too shiny and thin. They said they can do other papers if I send in a sample. The cost was a bit cheaper, but you had to order like 30 rolls at a time. If several of us got together, it would be doable. I know 5 people just bought Perfects and might be interested in a group buy of paper.

Andy Ciordia
08/25/12 12:08:05PM
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Wow, 30 rolls? Goodness. I'm cutting through 1 every 2 months currently.

When you say your paper guy, who are these paper people? I'm at a loss for who to even look up locally, even if they source it far out. I feel though if I'm sourcing it from Seattle that's just as far as Canada at this point. Each state has paper producers, this shouldn't be rocket science to get on a local level you'd think.

Definitely a group buy consideration, spending $1500 +/- for a 3 year supply seems a bit extraneous. hehe. Like to continue to look local first though.

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
08/25/12 10:01:19PM
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Any paper salesman for print shops etc. can get to a supplier. They just get it on large rolls and cut it down and rewind it. That is why they need the large numbers. When I found out the amount needed, I too thought I would just keep buying from Canada. I go through about the same amount as you. When I bought the machine, I had them fill up the extra space in the crate with rolls.

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
08/26/12 10:10:20AM
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I just remembered--they are called paper converters.

Here are three in NC

Case Paper



GeorgeThornton, Manager
Henley Paper Co.

613 Prospect St

High Point,NC27260


Triangle Converting Corp.

2021 S Briggs Av



Andy Ciordia
08/26/12 03:05:59PM
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Nice. I wonder if I found a roll of something too large I could get them to cut it down to size for a nominal charge instead of having them source a large amount. I'll do some further research and report my findings, and if I come back to square one, well we'll be having a large paper buy soon hehe!

Brian Donaghy
08/28/12 11:22:29AM
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What's the size of the rolls? Tomric Systems (www.tomric.com)sells a 20 cm roll designed for the Selmi equipment but should work on any appropriately sized enrobber.

Brian Donaghy

Andy Ciordia
08/28/12 12:28:08PM
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20 cm is about 7.8 in, which is about 1.8in too large. These are 6" wide (15cm).

Nothing's ever easy, hehe.

antonino allegra
08/30/12 06:58:47AM
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Hi Andy,

i'm having the same issue here in SA but i know few factories that produce papers.

My enrober is arriving any time soon from Italy, but then the problem starts with the paper...

Could you please let me know what are the paper specs in general for enrobers?

Thanks in advance



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