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Partner at The Secret Chocolatier  in Charlotte, NC. Began at area farmers markets in 2008 and has grown to two retail locations in the area. Wholesale/retail, shipping, catering, and more.

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Andy Ciordia

Building a Pitch / Press Release

I think sometimes we have or create a...
@Andy Ciordia 15 years ago - Comments: 2
Andy Ciordia

Discounts & Wholesale

As the gift season looms we're now...
@Andy Ciordia 15 years ago - Comments: 9
Andy Ciordia

Associations & Tradeshows

Like to build a list of associations...
@Andy Ciordia 14 years ago - Comments: 3
Andy Ciordia

Custom Boxes?

I've seen some members here have some...
@Andy Ciordia 15 years ago - Comments: 14
Andy Ciordia

Market Research for 31133: Confectionery Mfg Purchased Choc.

I'm looking for some market research...
@Andy Ciordia 15 years ago - Comments: 8
Andy Ciordia

Bootstrapping Your Dream

We came into being because of a loss;...
@Andy Ciordia 16 years ago - Comments: 9
Andy Ciordia

Custom Chocolate Molds

We've had a few requests of late that...
@Andy Ciordia 14 years ago - Comments: 3
Andy Ciordia

Scale for Front of House Weighing

I thought this would be a very easy...
@Andy Ciordia 11 years ago - Comments: 4
Andy Ciordia

Chocolate Candy Bar Molds

I could be blind in my searches but...
@Andy Ciordia 11 years ago - Comments: 5

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Susan Van Horn
07/12/12 16:55:04 @susan-van-horn:

And at that point, I believe you become St. Andy! ;-)

Pierre (Pete) Trinque
04/24/10 17:32:23 @pierre-pete-trinque:
Andy,Would love to talk with you aswe both go through the process. We have finally recieved the lease documents and are going over them this weekend. Will review with attorney this week. Want to get together with builder and architect ASAP sothat we can start getting the surprises that will come.Look forward to communicating with you further.Pierre
Arun Bhargava
01/04/10 01:27:02 @arun-bhargava:
Hi Andy,Thanks fro your messge. We have customers within India, and in many countries, and price are to be given in different currencies.So, that is why there are no prices on our website ( )( we are working on to create updated website, where in customers can log in and then they will be able to get prices, but, we may be 5 to 7 months away from that time).It would be nice if you can tell me what items you find interesting, and we will give you prices.Small orders are quite welcome, any time.Please reach me on (if it is ok with you and this website rules).Regards,Arun.
Laurie Douglass
04/28/09 09:26:39 @laurie-douglass:
Thanks Andy - I appreciate the tips!
Amber S.
01/20/09 20:08:08 @amber-s:
Hi Andy,I guess I looked at your website after posting and realized you are hosting lots of local events. I always leap before I look. I am trying not to do that with my own start-up so thats why Im spewing unsolicited advice. I live in a small 'mill town' in Canada where the mill is in danger of closing. I only moved here a year ago, to get away from the 'big city' so one of the (many) challenges Im facing is marketing to a cash poor population. I stumbled upon this book by accident and spent the day reading about local history. I guess I just wanted to share...
Amber S.
01/20/09 19:49:29 @amber-s:
Hi Andy. Ive just joined (formally) and was interested in your posts in Start-Up Central. I was at the library today trying to further my own endeavours and read the first chapter of a book called (I think) Small Town Survival Guide or something similar. It is a book about how the economy of small towns operates and is challenged by today's economical system. The first chapter had some really interesting thoughts about marketing to local communities and shaping your goals to meet a community 'vision'.I think this is timely in light of the north american 'local' movement. I wish I had actually checked this book out to be able to give you more details, but maybe you are past this dilemma you had previously mentioned. As well I don't know how big a town you live in, but no matter I think community minded angle to your purchasing and marketing is a must for start ups... Is that a no brainer?
01/16/09 10:53:20 @katiebobus:
I LOVE the spherical one, but I had mixed results with the flat squares one - the first ganache I tried in it was too soft, and even freezing it didn't stop it from adhering to the sides. I had to scoop all the ganache out of the holes, which was not cool. A pate de fruit worked great, though, so I think it was just the consistency of the ganache that was the problem. I haven't tried caramel as originally planned, but I will! Thanks for asking.
Clay Gordon
12/16/08 10:45:55 @clay:
Andy:One of the reasons I founded TheChocolateLife was to create a place where people who are passionate about chocolate can share their passion - and learn from - others. Not sure that all life's lessons need to be painful, but I do know that chocolate can take the sting out of many of them.I see the link to your site (which I encourage) and the link to your personal blog. I don't do link shares, so I encourage you to share some of those stories as blog posts here on TheChocolateLife for members who may not visit your profile page.
Clay Gordon
12/16/08 10:27:12 @clay:
Andy:Welcome to TheChocolateLife. From LinkedIn I know that you operate a chocolate business, and I want to point out that there are a number of groups here that may be of assistance to you in growing your business. I am looking forward to learning more about you and your business.:: Clay