Time in Melangeur and storage

09/23/12 07:33:00PM
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If I do a 1 lb batch of chocolate at home with 10 hours in the melangeur (Santha) and then do everything the same except a 3lb batch. Would the same time in the machine produce consistent results or do I need to adjust for the batch size?

Also, are there any issues in storing cocoa liquor? It takes such a long time to clean the equipment I'm using that it seems like a too process a lot of beans at the same time. For liquor and chocolate in general, are plastic containers ok or would metal be better?

- Lane

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09/26/12 12:32:23AM
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I'm also interested to hear from people with actual experience re. this. I would GUESS it takes longer to do a batch 3x the size because their are 3x as many particles that need to be reduced in size. Once again guessing, but maybe the mass would maintain a higher heat in the machine which could alsoimpact processing time.


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