Care and feeding of chocolate bar molds

10/25/12 11:10:57PM
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Any tips on this front? I'm using some good polycarb molds. I can get it to work, but it's a pain to get them clean. I think I was told hand washing only and to dry them right away. How hot can the water be? Seems like it's just really hard to get all the corners clean.

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10/25/12 11:43:48PM
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I'm sure everyone has their own way of doing it. For me, I use hot water that melts the chocolate off the mould with a soft sponge (nothing abrasive). The water is hot - I usually have to cool it down at some stage as it gets too hot for my hands.

Then I leave them (wet) on a towel to dry overnight. The next monring I put them away and when I take them out to use them again, I give them a quick polish with cotton wool. I use cotton buds to clean inside sharp edges.

Greg Gould
11/01/12 09:11:59AM
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You want to check out this discussion. I just received my bottle of sodium dioxide yesterday and I'm excited to try it out.


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