Is it worth tempering gianduja?

11/23/12 01:51:11PM
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Am I going to get a crystal structure with all the hazelnuts in there? They were in the conch for a few days so they are fully incorporated. I molded one that wasn't tempered and it seemed pretty much like what I'm used to. Thx.

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Mark Heim
11/24/12 04:28:09PM
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I temper until about ambient. Getting the right crystal structure can not only help with texture but in slowing oil migration into the shell.

11/24/12 08:33:43PM
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I should have mentioned, this is for making bars and not fillings. I think I'm right on the border of this batch being able to hold its shape as a bar without melting or breaking too easily. I'll try doing a temper and see if that holds better at room temperature. If not, I'll just put it in some 4oz mason jars. It's for holiday gifts.

11/25/12 05:02:47PM
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Yep, temper to 27C


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