Making cocoa liquor

Adam Kavalier
01/10/13 09:38:37PM
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Greetings all,

I'm looking for a way to make cocoa liquor from nibs to feed my santha grinder. After much investigation I purchased a spice grinder which grinds nibs into powder, but this also seizes up the Santha. Even when the ground powder is warmed it does not melt into liquor. Perhaps I need a different type of grinder, maybe one that produces more of a shearing grind rather than a rotor with blades which produces only powder.

I'm trying to avoid the use of cacao butter so I'm looking for some way to make cacao liquor ready for the santha grinder. Any suggestions?

Many thanks!


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Carlos Eichenberger
01/11/13 08:16:27AM
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No need for anything like that.

What you need to do is warm the bowl, stones and nibs to about 115F and then add the nibs slowly until they start to release some fat. Once that happens you can go a little faster until all the nibs are in the grinder. This should take about an hour total to fill it up, and then in about another half hour you should have a batch of usable liquor. The Santha can fit about 8lbs total. Why do you not want to use cocoa butter?


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