New Cocoatown Melanger squeaks

TC Conway
04/12/13 10:43:00PM
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I just got a brand new melanger from Cocoatown, and gave it a test spin with a very small amount of sugar. It squeaks SUPER loud. Any ideas on how to quiet it down? Someone suggested to run it with veg oil. Any thoughts appreciated!Thanks.
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TC Conway
04/13/13 09:11:03AM
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I hope I didn't mess this thing up.I decoded to put a little bit of canola oil in there and turned it on. After about a minute I slowly added some sugar. Finally I let it run for about 10 minutes. The high-pitched squeak has mostly subsided, except every once in a while. When I cleaned out the pure, there were a few little black specs, probably from the manufacturing process. It's hard to tell what they were.
Trelawnie mead
08/06/13 10:38:53AM
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I loosened the tension adjuster and it stopped the squeak on mine.Trelawnie
Steven Shipler
08/06/13 03:15:49PM
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Mine squeaked SO loud when I first got it aswell, I figured I would post so you know what I did and so you know you are not alone.

Honestly I didnt do anything different, I just dealt with the squeak and about 2 days later of grinding chocolate it went away and I havn't heard it since. It just needs to grind itself out essentially!



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