Problem unmoulding airbrushed chocolates

Kris Schoofs
05/21/13 06:12:17AM
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I recently ran into an airbrush problem. I sprayed my mould with yellow and red cacaobutter (untempered cacaobutter at 35C using a compressor, not a can of compressed air) and then I moulded it with white chocolate.

Up till now I didn't have any problems airbrushing, but this time I encountered small areas on some of the chocolates where the coloured cacaobutter stayed attached on the mould after unmoulding.

According to Peter Greweling's book (and from personal experience), it is not required to temper the cacaobutter since airbrushing will take care of this. I was wondering if perhaps I sprayed too close to the mould causing the cacaobutter to have insufficient time to agitate and cool down in order to properly pre-crystalize?

Does anyone has any ideas on what might be causing this? As far as I know, there isn't really anything that I've done differently this time (except I was now using white chocolate). Or is this simply a matter of unmoulding to quickly (which I personally doubt)?

I've attached a photo of the problem.


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05/21/13 09:05:16PM
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Even though it is true that you don't need to temper colored cocoa butter you want to work with it at as low a working temperature as possible. You can still easily spray it at 28-29 degrees. Working at that temperature will give you ability to work up close with your mold as well as apply a thick coat. You need to practice a little bit to find a perfect balance between your cocoa butter and the conditions of your room. I am sure you know this already , but if possible you should always in exactly the same temperature/humidity setting. If you would like to be able to spray for a long time (large mold, multiple molds) you can momentarily heat your brush with hot air (( hair dryer, kitchen torch( I prefer the later)

Kris Schoofs
05/22/13 08:14:56AM
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Thanks for the suggestion. Lowering the temperature might indeed solve my problem. I'll give it a try very soon, but I have a good feeling about it.


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