displaying chocolate in bakery case

mary amsterdam
06/14/13 03:24:09PM
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I am looking for advice regarding displaying my chocolates (truffles, caramels, salted caramels and assorted "barks") in a bakery display case. I share space with a bakery, and have been offered space in the display case. Does anyone have any suggestions for how best to use this type of display, and how long truffles would last in a case like that. also, should i "cover" them with dome or similar type of cover.


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Andy Ciordia
06/18/13 04:42:06PM
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I'm going to assume this is a cold bakery case in which case..

Too cold, too much humidity.

Salt will absorb moisture and turn into little wet droplets.

Caramels exposed will absorb moisture and get very soft and wet.

We have a bakery case and a chocolate case, the bakery case runs at 42' the chocolate case runs at 64' that's a huge temperature variation.

Keeping them protected and sealed from the elements is your best bet from longevity. If you can keep them well protected the truffles should last 3 weeks or more. Keep an eye out for blooming that may occur.

Barks don't need to be in the case. If they are like ours they are by nature rather shelf stable. Package them up in 2/4/8/12oz (pick a few) and set them around the shop.

mary amsterdam
06/18/13 05:02:19PM
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Thank you very much. that is very helpful.



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