rev delta overnight mode

mary amsterdam
12/02/13 03:13:38PM
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does anyone who uses the rev delta 3210 ever use the overnight mode. l read once about it causing motor burnout, and ever since i have been hesitant to use it. but it would be great to have the chocolate melted first thing in the morning. would love to hear others' experiences.


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Russ Apotheker
12/14/13 02:46:17PM
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I've used this a couple times and in general it works great to come in to melted chocolate. Chocovision actually recommended that I use this as I was having efficiency issues with my tempering machines.

Josh Neubauer
12/14/13 08:46:03PM
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If you leave it in overnight mode, make sure the machine is nearly full, that way it wont need to cycle as much and you wont have to worry about the chocolate beginning to set.

mary amsterdam
12/14/13 09:17:24PM
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Thanks for the helpful info!


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