How to handle my allergen paranoia

John Duxbury
03/27/14 09:18:51AM
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Hello All. I've asked this a few times (different verbiage), so sorry for repeating but this one keeps me up at nights. I've recently opened and I'm still concerned about allergic reactions happening (mostly to kids) when they buy from me. I have all of the required signage posted but I still get very concerned about someone (most likely a kid) buying something they shouldn't just because it looks so good. I guess I'm not asking for advice here, I'd just like some comments from anyone who has experienced this - or at least how to deal with the paranoia. Thanks, John

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Melanie Boudar
03/31/14 04:37:48PM
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If you think a child is buying something they shouldn't you can ask to speak to their parents. I won't sell direct to small children unaccompanied by a parent. An older child, say 10 or 12 should know thier allergies. Also ask the child directly if they have allergies.

Also carry insurance...

Andy Ciordia
03/31/14 08:29:41PM
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We deal with a lot of families with a lot of sensitivities. Peanut, soy, gluten, dairy, egg, etc, etc.

A child who has a real allergy, who can buy something, is usually at a verbal age where they can tell you they have allergies. More than likely they have gone through a few painful moments that have brought this home.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. You can't protect the world. If you are concerned you can ask them but this will over time become laborious. You've done the best you can now continue on with your business and find ways of getting more of it. :)

John Duxbury
04/01/14 07:19:49AM
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Thanks for the info. It probably will get to be a pain, asking if they have allergies, but I'll probably keep doing that. I also like the idea of selling skeptically to unaccompanied, younger kids.

Naomi Prasad
04/03/14 06:44:53AM
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Yeah if a kid is going to buy something you think they shouldn't first of all consult their parents or don't sell that to them in the first place


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