Freezable chocolate packaging

Francis Boechat
04/23/14 04:54:44PM
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Hi everyone,

My Name is Francis Boechat. I am a proud manufacturer of Brigadeiros, a Brazilian sweet that takes chocolate as a main ingredient. Now I would like to expand my business and sell my sweets frozen. For this, I need a box for truffles that could go in the freezer. Could anyone help me with this, please?

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Arcelia Gallardo
02/10/15 05:07:21PM
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Hi Francis, all boxes can be frozen but the plain thin cardboard type are more prone to absorbing moisture if not packaged well. You can consider a cardboard box wrapped in plastic. Or a plastic type box all together. Do you mean you want to sell them frozen to customers so they can also put in the freezer or frozen to businesses that will defrost and sell individually as needed? 


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