Melting Machine & Warm Milk

07/16/14 07:10:00AM
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I'm trying to create an awesome drinking chocolate. I have a chocolate melting machine and I was wondering if adding warm milk in the melting machine would be advisable, or would you add it later (i.e. keeping the chocolate separate in the melting machine).

Your feedback would be highly appreciated. This forum is a ton of help, thanks guys.


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07/16/14 05:34:36PM
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I'm only guessing here, I don't have any scientific basis for saying this, but:

- milk is stored in a fridge at 4C - I assume this is to help prevent bacterial growth

- chocolate has an incredibly long shelf life (relative to milk) if it remains unmixed with anything

I would have thought it best to (1) keep the milk in the fridge as long as possible for bacterial reasons and (2) not mix the chocolate with anything else, so that if you don't use it all, you can let it set and reuse it later.


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