Dehumidifier for Retail Space

09/04/14 05:00:10AM
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Hello helpful peeps! :)

I'm looking at dehumidification of a retail space of about 60sqm. We have loose chocolates and currently, humidity is at about 100% so we need to control that. What dehumidifiers would you suggest to bring it down to a constant 50%? We currently have a dehumidifier, not a commercial one, and that only brings the humidity down to 80%. We need something better. I would appreciate if you pointed me to specific dehumidifiers. Also, if there are some tricks to save on electricity bills whilst keeping temperature at 18 deg and humidity at 50%. We do not manufacture chocolate, we just have a retail space, with many chocolate bars and a praline bar.

Your help is much appreciated!


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Jorge Salazar Garcia
02/14/15 10:47:40AM
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Hola Mark,

Did you have any luck solving the problem. We are in the same situation.



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Clay Gordon
02/15/15 04:24:55PM
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Mark -

Also interested to know if you solved this. One of the challenges is to know where you are. MT is where, Malta? I would be hesitant to make specific recommendations available in the US as you may not be able to purchase them in Malta.

Jorge - I am guessing that you also want to know, but again, it's helpful to let people know that you are in Costa Rica.

Approach companies that install commercial central air conditioning units. They may have dehumidifier units sized for larger spaces and capacities.

As far as tips and tricks to save electricity. Where does sun hit the building if it does? Awnings can reduce solar gain. The second thing I can think of is insulation. Another is to keep hot air and humidity from coming into the space to begin with, so some sort of ante-room vesitbule where you can keep the temp much higher (30C) and start to reduce the humidity there will keep heat an humidity from enter the shop space in the first place. Then why 18C? 20-22C is fine for chocolate, and 55-60% humidity.

clay -
03/05/15 07:58:31PM
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Clay, I'm trolling this subject.  I am in San Antonio, TX, which is cold right now (and unusually so), but we can get plenty warm starting in mid April and lasting through late October.  Temps reach 96+ fairly easily, and too often over 100; humidity is all over the place, but usually a wide range between 30% and 85% (if not raining).  So, controlling heat/humidity is an issue here, too.  What about the plastic industrial curtains like in the link below; are they effective in helping control temp/humidity for chocolate purposes?... or do they just invite the possibility of shocking chocolate?



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