Chipotle in Chocolate

Eric Devlin
10/07/08 11:56:17PM
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Hi,Can anyone point out a starters guide for using chipotle in chocolate? Please keep in mind that I am VERY, VERY new at this.I recently purchased some decent chocolate and a variety of dried fruits. I made up a mix of cinnamon, brown sugar and chipotle. I covered the fruit in the chocolate and then sprinkled the mixture on top.The result was ok, but I wasn't completely happy. I was thinking about adding ancho. I was also thinking about adding the chipotle directly to the chocolate while it was melting.Any input would be appreciated.Thanks,Eric
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Bruce Toy (Coppeneur)
10/09/08 01:43:21AM
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Coppeneur of Germany makes a Trinitario single origin bar from Trinidad thats flavoured with .015% habanero and .02% lavender oil. It's quite outstanding.I've read that chipotle goes well in hot chocolate or sipping chocolate.
Teresa Cordero Cordell
10/09/08 11:19:56AM
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If you are going to add some type of chile powder or sauce, mix it into the chocolate for a smoother finish and taste. It will probably give you a "mole" type of flavor if you add too much though. So go easy with it at first. Taste test until you reach the taste you're looking for. You might want to try using a Mexican Chocolate.


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