truffle shell collapsing

mike johnson
04/12/15 05:52:38PM
6 posts

I am usung a 1/2 shell mold . Dollop of jelly then peanut butter ganache. I've been making them for 3 years now & suddenly the top where the jelly is collaspes in . also the face/inside curve of the shell starts to bloom. I do other chocolates in the same mold but no bloom. This bloom is also happening on the sides of a fleur d lis mold I use.

Dirke Botsford
04/24/15 03:55:57PM
98 posts

Is your center cold? that might explain the bloom and the collapse? warm it up a bit maybe that'll help?

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
04/24/15 06:49:32PM
194 posts

Is it fat migration from the peanut butter?


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