final bean temp when roasting

07/20/15 20:47:34
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Hi, I've been roasting in a convection oven and doing alright I guess, but I am switching to a drum roaster and was hoping you all could share your final roasting temps?  Thanks!

Jack Meyer
08/14/15 15:33:39
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Hi Danielle,

I converted a commercial rotisserie into a drum roaster and it works well. I set the roasting temperature  to 300 deg. F and I typically roast for 55 minutes. I do not adjust the temperature when nearing the end of the cycle but I do turn off the heat when done and cool the drum while it is rotating (with the beans in it) using a conventional house fan for about ten to fifteen minutes. I don't know what type of roaster you are using but this process seems to do a great job for me.

Mark Heim
08/15/15 20:36:40
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There is no one temperature for roasting beans.  It depends on several factors such as the beans being over or underfermented, the type/source of the beans, and the type of flavor you are trying to achieve.  Looking to toast or roast.  Each lot of beans should be tested to develop the best flavor profile - what you're looking for.  Because of this, if you ask 10 people the best temp, you'll get 12 answers and they can all be right.

Brasstown Chocolate
08/17/15 10:19:03
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Roasting temperatures are not typically given out by commercial businesses. I would advise experimenting until you find something you like.


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