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08/16/15 06:46:23PM
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I am searched around the site and cannot find a comparison on the Behmore 1600 Plus and a traditional oven. The reason I am looking for such a comparision is because I have recently moved into a new place and the oven is absolute crap. The temp is always 50-90F above the indicated turn dial temp. I have only roasted a few batches and each time I have to literally sit by the oven, alternating between turning it on and off and opening the door to vent it. This is the only way I can keep the temperature within a 20F range. 

So I am looking for another option. It is a rental unit so I do not want to buy an oven or hack up the current one. The only thing I can seem to find is the Behmore 1600 PLUS. It looks really nice, priced a little high for me, but overall looks like a good machine. My only problem with it is I do not know the roasting temperatures! So evenually when I have a commerical space I will not be able to accurately transfer my roasting times into a bigger capicity. Maybe I am wrong about this?


Thoughts? Is it worth the money for a Behmore and control over temp? or should I just sit by the oven? Any thoughts?


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