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Lynda Brent
08/19/15 10:19:31AM
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I've been informed by my FDA inspector, that starting in August next year (2016), all wholesale food companies need to have logs of all production codes that are used in a production batch of all products created for wholesale use.  So another words...Each time we create a small batch of truffles (for example) I have to keep track of the product code (and invoice number and date) of the chocolate used, the cream used, the flavorings used, and any other food item (cocoa butter, decorations) that are used to create that batch of truffles.  Then I need to give this one batch of truffle a production code that I create that somehow is all logged into a program (computer or paper trail) that I will be able to print out and hand all the files to the inspector when they come for inspection again.  I also have to keep track of which customer receives this batch of truffles.  It is like I need 1 person who does nothing but log in the production codes and keep track of everything on a computer program. 

Does anyone have a computer program to keep track of these production batches and make it easier to adhere to the new FDA guidelines? 


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