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Dirke Botsford
09/25/15 07:25:44PM
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I bought a multi wheel caramel cutter from Tomric and am having a heck of a time using it. Either the caramel sticks to it and then rolls up with the cutter or if I make a stiffer caramel it doesn't cut through it? AM I doing something wrong or is there a trick to it? I have watched a few youtube videos and it look so easy...

Caramel is 3/4 inch thick and a medium bite. Does the cutter need to be lubricated? Any suggestions would be appreciated.   

Jayne Hoadley
09/25/15 10:20:15PM
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I love that cutter I have two.  It may depend on the amount of fat your recipe has in it.  You could certainly oil the blades.  I cut toffee with it too.  When I cut caramel I roll it over the caramel with a bit of pressure and continue rolling it back and forth until it is all the way through.  Then I turn and go the opposite way.  My caramel is almost 1" thick.  I have also cut marshmallows with it, however with these I do oil the blades.  Hope this helps.

Dirke Botsford
09/26/15 02:21:17PM
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Thanks Jayne, I will give it another go using this technique. 


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