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10/18/15 07:03:02AM
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Hi all,  

I don't claim to be a chocolatier, just a candy maker, but I do a pretty good job.  I was hired by someone who decided to open a handmade candy business based on my skill and I get paid really well.  Because I'm not a chocolatier, I need help with a shell mold question.  The owner bought me some molds for our creams (I pipe them) from sellers on Amazon.  One brand was called, I think, Fat Daddio or something.  They didn't go to Tomric as I suggested, I imagine thinking they are saving a few dollars.  Anyway, the molds are no where near as heavy weight, and I'm not having a lot of success getting them out of the molds. 

Is there such thing as a crappy shell mold, or do I just stink at this?



10/20/15 06:45:58PM
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There is such a thing as crappy molds - don't know the Fat Dadio ones but I know some of the Italian molds I've purchased are much too light and do a piss poor job of molding.


YOQ Tony
10/20/15 10:36:50PM
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Hi Nicole,

we are producing chocolate making mold, and  not sure it is useful to you. If you need, i can show you and help you solve the problem.

My skype is yoqtony, and email is cleopatra.tony@gmail.com.

Best regards

Mark Allan
10/22/15 11:34:17AM
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Fat Daddio polycarbonate molds are what I use. I have bought other non polycarbonate molds and never use them. I'm sure other brands of polycarbonate are just as good. Polycarbonate is rigid, but you can whack them on the counter without breaking them. If the chocolate is tempered right, the bars/candies will fall right out after a chill. The more you use them, without washing them with soap, the easier the chocolates will be to remove. A trace of cocoa butter coats the mold after its first use, so the chocolates fall out even easier after subsequent uses.

10/23/15 05:07:17AM
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Thanks all.  I tested my know-how again using good, solid molds from Tomric (my own family's company had just one tray of three different shapes). Anyway, every single mold fell out beautifully.

@Mark-allan, maybe Fat Daddio was not what we got then.  I know that is a name I've seen around.  In any case, I do believe now that what i have been provided is crappy tools, and they are just going to have to spend the extra money if they want good molds and fewer losses of product.

Thanks again!


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