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Missionary running orphanage in Honduras.

Chocolate practitioner with slowly growing market.

Software engineer to pay for it all.

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mariano garcia
06/01/15 23:37:37 @mariano-garcia:

Hola Marcos, enviar el dinero al contacto que me diste en Alibaba hace una semana, pero aún no dio el número de pista, es fiable esa compañía que me enseñó?


mariano garcia
05/26/15 21:10:28 @mariano-garcia:

Hi Mark, I sent the money by paypal on alibaba page I mention me. only one question they have to give you a track number?



mariano garcia
05/14/15 15:44:55 @mariano-garcia:

perfectoo Thanks Mark, I hope you fence well with your chocolates and good I would like you to send me some samples so maybe I can sell this area.!



Mark Allan
05/14/15 12:08:49 @mark-allan:

I think I paid by Paypal once. Another time I used Alibaba. In either case you have a method to reclaim your money if the vendor does not deliver. I did get my money back when I paid via Alibaba, because I did not receive some items when expected. A few months later I realized the products were delivered to a mail office in Siguatepeque. I picked them up and paid the vendor.

mariano garcia
05/14/15 08:25:14 @mariano-garcia:

Hi Mark


is safe to pay by alibaba did you do ?, as deposit by Western Union or credit card?

Mark Allan
05/14/15 08:17:48 @mark-allan:

Hi Mariano,

I don't know about that machine. The machine we use is:

It has been working well for a year. You just have to ask for a 110V transformer because most machines from China are 220V and the plugs will not fit in our 220V sockets. Other option is to get an electrician to swap out the plug after you get the machine.

That other machine you suggested might be good also, but I have not used it. It looks like about the same price. I think we paid about $220 for ours, but shipping is added after that.

mariano garcia
05/14/15 07:53:29 @mariano-garcia:

Hola mark, te hablaba de la prensa de para manteca de cacao!

presiso una, pero me da miedo comprarla por alibaba, como hicistes tu?

Mark Allan
04/24/15 09:12:39 @mark-allan:

Hi Mariano,

Which machine are you talking about, the wet grinder? Or the cocoa butter press?


Mark C.