JKV 30 tempering machine

01/02/16 01:51:25PM
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Hi folks.

I recently bought a second hand JKV30 and I'm curious if any of you are familiar with this machine?

The place where I plan on using it doesn't have 3-phase power, so I'm looking at a rotary phase converter to power it properly. But I'm trying to find the HP and max heating loads, so I can size the phase converter right, but I'm not having any luck finding this information.

As we all know, the documentation that comes with the machine is lacking at best...so I thought I'd check if any of you fine folks are able to shed any light on the subject?

I'm looking at a 10HP rotary phase converter, which has a 1.3x max rating. Is this sufficient? Overkill? 

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Clay Gordon
01/03/16 03:58:41PM
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American Rotary is a good source for phase converters. You can call (or email) one of their techs with the sizes of your motors and other elements and they can size the converter you need. Also - you may be able to get away with a static converter if there is no cooling compressor.

clay - http://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/
01/03/16 04:05:37PM
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Thanks for your reply, Clay. 

I'm located in Canada, so I'm looking primarily at canadian distributors. Electram and PhaseQuest are both available here in Calgary. That pesky exchange rate is killing us up here, right now.

01/04/16 11:59:03AM
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Does the JKV 30 need 3 phase? I had a pair of older machines & they just took 220V. This required some specialized wiring, but was relatively easy to do.I ran both machines on one 20 Amp 220 circuit.  What style outlet does the machine need? Mine needed a NEMA-6 outlet. (indicating 220V).

Ian Mackenzie is the JKV rep I've dealt with. you can reach him at his first name @JKVNL.com


01/04/16 12:05:57PM
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Thanks for your info, Larry.

Yes, this one is definitely a 3-phase machine, with a NEMA 16-20R outlet.

I briefly spoke with Ian this morning re: this issue, but he had no idea about the 3-phase with regard to this machine.

Machine is roughly 12 years old.

Thx, Dallas 


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