Dosing pumps & DIY options

Daniel Haran
02/08/16 03:42:06PM
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The main reason I was considering a full-automatic tempering machine was to have a dosing pump. I then found Hilliard makes one that which costs significantly less, though still around USD$5,000.

Researching various pumps it seems that peristaltic pumps could be a very affordable way to hack it together. There are even a few people 3D printing pump heads through which you could put a food-grade hose.

Are there other cheap options I should be considering? Has anyone gone the DIY route and have advice to share?

Daniel Haran
02/08/16 06:09:10PM
49 posts

Ah, thank you! For some reason this didn't show up in my search results.

02/09/16 07:50:34AM
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What information did you find about peristaltic pumps? I was hoping to find/buy a cheap one but no luck. Is printing one the best way to go?

Daniel Haran
02/09/16 11:56:07AM
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I found a model for about $350 at simplypumps - it's hard navigating the different models online and they seemed the most approachable for beginners. I've had a 3D printer but don't like the look of the material and I'd also need to buy a motor; I prefer having something that should be resellable.

Potomac Chocolate
02/09/16 03:11:07PM
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Which one did you go with? Can you provide a link?

Jeremy Rushane
02/10/16 01:20:06AM
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Sounds like a fun project!!!!  Let us know what system you come up with...

Daniel Haran
02/10/16 11:19:15AM
49 posts

Potomac Chocolate: Which one did you go with? Can you provide a link?

As soon as I build the other stuff, I intend to get the PM600.

Daniel Haran
02/10/16 11:22:35AM
49 posts

Other stuff meaning: a heated container and a vibrating machine. Yesterday I realized putting chocolate in moulds isn't the actual bottleneck just yet. I spend a good chunk of time manually removing bubbles and feel the need to work faster because chocolate is starting to crystallize.


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