Water cooler for a three roll

Ash Maki
05/21/16 12:49:17PM
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Hi there folks, 

Im hoping to see if anyone might be able to recommend me in the direction of a recirculating water cooler to attach to our three roll so that we don't have to waste water to cool it. 

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05/22/16 08:02:42PM
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Buying a recommended cooler in this case may not be the best idea.

There is a lot of variation in how you use the refiner, in what ambient conditions and in what location. All of these will make a lot of difference to the choice of cooling system.

You may find that the cost of cooling system will be high in comparison to the cost of water used.

1. Your best option is to talk to a local refrigeration company and ask them for a quote, they will be in the best position to make all calculations.

2. If you use the 3 roll for a couple of hours a day and not all the time you may be able to get away with just water storage system without any active cooling (this depends a lot on your location and on maximum inlet water temperature for the refiner). Get a big rainwater tank, connect a pump capable of supplying correct water pressure for what the refiner requires and direct the over flow back to that tank. All depending on how you use the refiner, on how much water and at what temperature you need. 

In any recirculation system you will need some sort of chemical water treatment to avoid scaling, corrosion and growth of nasty bacteria. 

If you can give more information about what are your requirements and what are your ambient conditions I can calculate some numbers for you so you have somewhere to start.



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