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05/29/16 09:31:30AM
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just a quick question which has been bothering me a little. isn't "RAW chocolate" another word for "Modica chocolate"?

RAW chocolate is a 'cold-process' type of chocolate, and so is Modica Chocolate.

Modica chocolate is made from cocoa paste which is heated at 40 deg, mixed with sugar and put in molds when it reaches 30 deg.

Am I missing something?


Clay Gordon
06/04/16 04:16:41PM
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Mark -

Raw and Modican chocolate are not necessarily the same thing. 

The whole idea with raw is to purposefully keep the temperature below a certain degree with the specific intent of not killing "living enzymes" or reducing the nutrient content of the beans.

Modican chocolate is a specific style that pre-dates the industrial revolution. It was very difficult to apply enough pressure to reduce particle size. I have never heard that temperature was a control point for Modican chocolate. Can you point me to some manufacturers that state this? Doña Elvira? Antica Dolceria Bonajuto?

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