Need help when airbrushing colored cacao butter to molds

08/20/16 11:13:35AM
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Hello, my name is Tony and I am really glad find this forum:)

I am an amateur and big fan of making chocolates at home.

But I have a small problem and got confused when I start try to make pralines with airbrush.

After I airbrush the mold with colored cacao butter and fill it with chocolates, some colored cacao butter will remain on the surface of the mold and when I scrape the overfilled chocolates back to my bowl, then some colored cacao butter will mix with the rest of the chocolates in the bowl, which will cost some wastes.

It seems like a beginners problem but I am really confused.

Could anyone give me some advises to avoid this problem please?

Thanks a lot:)

10/14/16 06:10:55PM
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Hi Tony,

When I decorate molds with an airbrush, I spray them all first. Then I take a scraper and scrape the excess coloured cocoa butter off the surface of the molds (and sides, if necessary). It drastically cuts down on the amount of coloured cocoa butter getting into my chocolate. You will still get little bits, but it will be a lot better. I also save the coloured cocoa butter that I scrape off and re-use it for future batches (if there is a significant amount - much more likely if you are making many chocolates).

All the best as you make your chocolates!



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