Oily spots on chocolate

10/21/16 09:04:46PM
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Lately we have been seeing what we are guessing are oil spotting when we melt our chocolate and on the backs of our bars when we temper (looks how gasoline looks when in water).  It doesn't appear to be any type of bloom as the temper holds really well, but makes the bars not look too great. It almost feels like the butter is separating a bit and ending up blotching on the bars. I will try and post some photos the next time it happens, but initially does anyone have any ideas?

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01/31/17 01:27:52PM
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Does anyone know what would cause these oily spots and sheen? I’m getting it too.  The sheen shows up when the liquid chocolate is in the melanger.  I only clean the melanger with hot water, but I do melt the cocoa butter in a bowl that has gone through the dishwasher.   Could the oily spots be coming from residue soap that the cocoa butter picked up from the bowl?

I’m really new to chocolate making so any advice would be appreciated.


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