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Black Eagle Chocolates
11/08/16 05:04:54AM
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Hi guys.  In what form will malt best be used in chocolates; powder or liquid.  What are the effects it has on tempered chocolate or the tempering process.

11/08/16 06:50:12AM
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Adding anything with water in it is going to be problematic for you to process.  Powder will be easier.

11/08/16 05:20:47PM
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Use DME dry malt extracts (powdered), liquid extracts contain significant amount of water (over 15%) and getting that water out of chocolate is difficult.

There is a very wide range of malt extracts available for brewing industry and home brewing so you will be spoilt for choice.

One other thing to keep in mind is that DME is very hygroscopic which creates a few challenges in use.

Use of malt extract should have close to zero effect on tempering as does not contain any fat (and if used correctly will not introduce water). Tempering is all about cocoa butter crystalisation.

Black Eagle Chocolates
11/09/16 06:14:06AM
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Awesome.  Thanks for the advice.  Much appreciated


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