Help Finding Lead & Cadmium Free (Purified) Cocoa Powder

11/13/16 12:49:31PM
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Does anyone know of any source of lead & cadmium free chocolate products?  Please Help!  I'm particularly interested in contaminant free unsweetened cocoa powder.  Any referrals to anyone that might know more about this particular topic area?

11/13/16 05:13:59PM
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I'm not aware of any purification system for removing lead or cadmium from cocoa powder or cocoa mass so this may be the wrong approach.

When you are stating "free" do you mean absolutely no traces of cadmium or lead or just below certain threshold?

Beans from Pacific countries and from Africa are generally low in cadmium.

11/15/16 01:09:31PM
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I am looking for lead and cadmium free chocolate products, not reduced levels.  Thanks!

11/15/16 05:29:12PM
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You will not find them.

11/15/16 11:39:52PM
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As Sebastian said above lead and cadmium free chocolate products don't exist.

Both elements get into the bean from the soil where the cocoa trees grow.

Some origins have higher content levels (Ecuador, Venezuela) some lower (Pacific countries).


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