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Suzanne Johnson
11/29/16 03:33:03PM
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Hello!  I was wondering if there are any recommendations for companies/websites that supply packaging?  I am currently a recreational chocolate maker (although affiliated with a food industry company).  We are looking to produce chocolates to give as gifts to our students/clients.  I had a beautiful mold made with my company logo and now I need nice packaging.  I am looking for a foil and/or sleeve (similar to the Ghiradelli squares).  Any suggestions?  Also, I need something to actually store my chocolate in (airtight containers perhaps?).  I have a large commercial kitchen refrigerator I can use (but high humidity). I do have access to a small dark fairly temperature controlled storage space as well.  Thanks for any help!

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Clay Gordon
12/04/16 02:54:47PM
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Suzanne -

Are you here in the US? Some sources from Europe might not be good for you.

clay -
Suzanne Johnson
12/06/16 01:23:17PM
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@clay Yes I am!

12/12/16 07:18:58PM
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I'm also small times. For most of my packaging needs I use

They are mostly boxes and bags, but will do small order custom.

Brian Mikiten
12/14/16 09:23:45AM
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Here are some other options I've used for small batches.


Suzanne Johnson
12/22/16 09:05:17PM
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@paul2 @brian-mikiten Thank you both!  I will check out the websites

Marc Laucks
01/16/17 11:52:27AM
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If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for just yet, you may find a small local print shop that can produce sleeves using a color laser printer and an affordable cutting die.

Applying transfer tape to the long edge of the sleeve will allow you to easily construct the sleeve on an as-needed basis.  Doing your packaging in this way will allow you to keep your costs very low, allow you to produce multiple designs at once AND give you the ability to create the perfect design (including full color).


Juliana Desmond
04/06/17 05:01:40PM
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Hello, I am looking to find custom packaging for chocolate bars. I would like to heat seal them myself without having to use an expensive machine. Are there any packaging companies that make these kind of wrappers for small scale businesses? My google search was unsuccesful, I would really appreciate any help. Thank you! <3

Suzanne Johnson
04/10/17 03:02:22PM
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@juliana-desmond Paul2 recommended Looks to me like they do hot stamp...not sure if that is what you may be looking for

Marc Laucks
04/10/17 03:20:25PM
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I don't know if what you'll see on the attachment will work for you but if so, please get in touch. It is a customizeable heavy paper bar wrap that will accommodate a bar measuring 3" x 6" x 1/4" thick. They can be produced in full color and in short run quantities.

bar_wrap.jpeg  •  496KB


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