Chocolate not sticking to caramel

12/13/16 10:57:48PM
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Hi everyone.

I am enrobing soft caramels with dark chocolate but am finding that the chocolate does not stick to the caramel well, if at all. What this means is when I bite into the caramel (about an inch square and half inch thick) some chocolate will often chip/flake off the remaining portion, leaving a less than desirable eating experience. Does anyone know a way to make the chocolate bond to the caramel to stop it from doing that? I'm currently enrobing by dipping then using a hair-dryer (on cold) to blow off excess chocolate, leaving a layer about a millimeter thick. I have tried thinning out the chocolate coating with more blowing which seems to have a positive effect but it gets to a point where the chocolate is too thin for the desired taste.


antonino allegra
12/15/16 11:03:02AM
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Hi,chocolate sticks to almost everything, except on fat.

it seems (from far away) that your problem is not the chocolate itself, but theycaramel. If the caramel has a overly shine look, it could be that some fat is surfacing/splitting, making it difficult for the chocolate to stick.

for test purpose, check first the caramel, then do a test by coating something else (nuts?) to understand what you are doing incorrect. 

Otherwise you can always "dust the caramel with something to roughen the surface.



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