15 - 50 kilo Melangeurs / Grinders

02/01/17 10:10:41
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The further I delve in the more I am discovering some options that I was not aware of in the small to medium batch size.  I would like to start this thread with some companies that are producing these machines, and would love any feedback from anyone with first hand experience.  From the quality and use of the machine as well as assistance in all aspects from the factory or distributor.  If needed for some of the less known brands, we can start separate threads.

Obviously many have spoken and had experience with Santha and Cocoa Town, and more information is always welcome.  But some of the other machines I would like to know more about are:






Look forward to learning about others experiences with these and any other we may not have listed

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Andy Koller
02/01/17 20:04:50
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I would as well be interested in experiences with the rottar grinder as I have no voices heard of this one so far.

Thanks for any inputs.

Best, Andy


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Clay Gordon
@clay • 7 years ago

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Clay Gordon
The 4 Chocolatiers
@the-4-chocolatiers • 7 years ago

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