Colored Cocoa Butter stayed in the mold

02/01/17 06:24:24PM
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Please take a look at these photos and let me know what we did wrong.

Also when this happens any recommendations on how to clean out the molds efficiently.

Thank you,


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02/08/17 09:40:40PM
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Looks perhaps like your chocolate was over crystallized and relatively cool when you put it behind the colours. Having it as warm as possible will aid it in it's bonding with the coloured layer and when it is over crystallized it doesn't contract as well and pull away from the mold.

I'd clean the molds with very hot water and a soft cotton mop like a vase brush.


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Andrea B
02/11/17 11:58:05AM
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Was your colored cocoa butter properly tempered when you added it to the mold?  That could cause it to stay in the mold and not adhere to the chcolate even if the chcolate was properly tempered.

As for cleaning them, I'd run hot water from the tap and fill the molds allowing them to sit.  You can probably get most of the cocoa butter out this way or by using the sprayer.  You will probably need to clean them with cotton balls really well to remove any stubborn bits.


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