chocolate mold warmer?

beth campbell
06/17/17 02:46:44AM
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hi there,

I would love to know what is a effective way to warm my molds to just the right temp?  I am tired of using a hairdryer and looking for something that can warm alot of molds at once.


Greg Gould
06/17/17 03:31:41AM
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I use the warming draw at the bottom of my oven.

Potomac Chocolate
06/17/17 12:08:29PM
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I use a restaurant food warmer with a roll top lid that I've hacked in a fan and temperature control. You can see it here:

Other possibilities are food warming cabinets, bread proofers, or dehydrators.

beth campbell
06/17/17 12:39:06PM
40 posts

Thanks so much for all those ideas.

06/27/17 02:09:08PM
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Maybe its stupid, but a low tech solution would be a brick you've kept in an oven at a low temperature over night, then turn the oven off, leaving the brick in there and it should maintain a warm temperature without getting too hot? 


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