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08/03/17 04:53:57AM
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I have been researching for tempering milk chocolate, and working with Callebaut 100% chocolate mass, Mascarpone powder, Cocoa butter and Erythritol.   I am an enthusiastic cook and baker but am such a newbie in making chocolate at home especially since this is not really the norm.    Sugar free milk chocolate is my main aim for someone who is medically on the Ketogenic Diet (epilepsy).

My first attempt was ok, it had snap and tasted alright but it was grainy from the Erythritol.   But as soon as I left the piece of chocolate on the kitchen counter in the early morning and it wasn't even hot, the chocolate started to melt, yes, I thought I had tempered it. 

Does anyone have a good tempered milk chocolate recipe with a smooth finish using a sweetener that will leave no aftertaste and grainy effect please ?    I'd really like to use up my invested ingredients (except for the sweetener) before switching if necessary.

Any help, info, tips especially a recipe would be deeply appreciated !  Thanks in advance. 


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