Sugar crystal not breaking down in Melanguer after 24 hrs

Ning-Geng Ong
04/06/12 04:43:18AM
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35% sugar in my batch of chocolate has been in the melanguer for 24 hours.

I used table sugar thinking that the melanguer would take care of it after a day.

But it hasn't. The chocolate feels like eating fine sand. It is in fact sugar because it does melt in the mouth.

I have another 20 hours to go till I want to stop this batch but right now Im not certain if the sugar will break down by then.

I did not expect the sugar to give me more problems than the cocoa nibs.

Your tips and guidance are much appreciated.


updated by @ning-geng-ong: 04/21/15 03:55:31AM
04/06/12 06:35:30AM
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In general it's best to pre-powder the sugar in a vitamix, coffee grinder, or other high powered blender. It is much harder than cacao and is therefore hard to breakdown.

What melangeur doyou have?

Ning-Geng Ong
04/06/12 10:47:31PM
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I am using cocoatown's but I had to modify the equipment and reduce the pressure on the granite rollers because it was depositing stone into the composition previously.


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