Christine de Massis
06/07/12 07:39:42
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Hello Everyone...

Please I need urgent help....I tempered my chocolate (dark and mil chocolate), and all the process seemed to be fine, they came out nicely from the molds. The problem was that later when i tried them, the chocolate, not the ganache, was crumbly...what do you think the problem is??? could it be that the tempering process was not well done? ehat other reasons can make chocolate crumbly.


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Daniela Vasquez
10/04/12 15:22:10
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tempering failed. You should do as many temper checks as necessary. You could add a "mother" to the chocolate and let it melt enough time so that the rest of the chocolate "behaves" properly

Mark Heim
10/05/12 19:48:51
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Look at the centers. Chocolate will pull water from a ganache. Once it does it gets dry and crumbly in texture, as themoisture enters the chocolate and forms syrup with the sugar. Look at how much moisture you're adding to the ganache.


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