Socially-aware, Nicaraguan Cacao!

01/19/17 02:09:22PM
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We are a non-profit that proudly works with cacao farmers in rural Nicaragua. The quality that they produce is absolutely astounding, and delicious! 

We would love to get in contact with anyone looking to purchase raw, organic, and sorted Nicaraguan cacao by the pound. We're also interested in what other members of this community are doing in terms of purchasing cacao, community involvement, traceability of your cacao, and socially aware partnerships with your cacao farmers. 

Head on over to our page, Enliven International, to learn more about what we do or to contact us to talk about purchasing! 

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03/08/17 02:51:27AM
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Mercedes Farm is located at an elevation of ~3600 feet, in Peñas Blancas within the Isabelia Range, a protected forest area. Lushly green forests surround the coffee trees, and large hardwood trees provide shade and animal habitat throughout the farm. Several beautiful streams flow through the farm and provide natural irrigation, helping to contribute to the plump sweetness of the juicy-ripe beans.

04/27/17 03:33:28PM
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o i want do experiment with this beans 

06/02/17 02:29:08PM
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Can you please send the price info and sampling delivery options to



06/06/17 12:15:43PM
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Is it possible to ship one or two  25kg bag of your  beans  for test ? What would be the price and the shipping costs then ? My e-mail is :

Thank you for your help in this matter 



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