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anneke white
04/09/14 04:04:16AM
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Talofa, Hi, I was wondering if any of you wonderful chocolate gurus know where I can take my husband and 4 young children (who really want to see a 'chocolate tree'!) on a cocoa plantation tour on the island of Upolu, Samoa. I have been reading how Samoa used to grow the best cocoa beans in the world, yet I cant find any information at samoan tourism sites etc. Would greatly appreciate any knowledge on this, and we happy to pay for a tour. Thanks for any help in this matter,

Yours Kindly,

Anneke White

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Nichole Warner
04/09/14 10:17:14AM
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You could contact Dandelion Chocolate at

They were there pretty recently for a sourcing trip so may have suggestions for you.

anneke white
04/10/14 09:43:51PM
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Thank you for you help, will do:)

Ilya Snowdon
07/01/15 09:29:39PM
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The cocoa is mainly grown in the family village land. 

all members of the family have there own patch of land to build a house, while the family village Land will often extend right back into the mountain were they will have what they call a plantation. I cool it a food Forrest. it will often be mixed cropping with coconuts towering into the sky and cocoa tress growing under the canape along with Bananas. And endless other types of food.

You would get the best experience if you arranged to stay in one of the family Villages.


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