Travel Programs in 2015 - Where Would You Like To Go?

Clay Gordon
05/30/14 03:34:44PM
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To all ChocolateLife members:

I have made a connection with travel company that specializes in affinity group, philanthropic, and donor travel programs. They have a strong business working with company and organizations interested in providing their members one-of-a-kind travel programs with some sort of sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility component.

They are asking me to be a subject matter expert when it comes to offering programs around cacao and chocolate and sustainable production.

It occurs to me that these are travel opportunities that ChocolateLife members might like, and that we could be an affinity group and organize our own travel programs.

The question is, "Where would you like to go?"

The company works all over the world except in developed countries. So, no destinations in the US or Europe and some countries in SE Asia. But that leaves all of Central and South America, the Caribbean, East and West Africa, Indonesia (Bali!), and more.

So I'd like to hear from members where they would most like to go. Based on your input I will work with the company to select some destinations and work up a rough list of the experiences we could have while we're there.

And then I will invite ChocolateLife members to join me on fabulous journeys to learn about cacao and chocolate all over the world.

Here's to travel and adventure,
:: Clay

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Adriennne Henson
06/02/14 08:32:22AM
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Bali sounds like a good destination but I also think the developed areas should not be left out in the chocolate area

Also Peru sounds good and Vietnam,India also is growing cocoa

06/02/14 08:00:26PM
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While Indonesia is the 3rd largest cocoa producing country in the world, it may not be the best in terms of getting a comprehensive cocoa understanding - one of the issues is that very, very, VERY few people in Indonesia ferment their beans. additionally, most cocoa is grown on the island of Sulawesi - although to be certain there is some grown on the other islands as well. bali's a pretty cool touristy spot to visit, but if you're looking for more ... authentic ... experiences i might point you to luwu utara in Sulawesi and visit rantepao for some very unique experiences. i'm sure i could connect you with some places that are fermenting there as well should you try to pull a trip together.

Clay Gordon
06/04/14 03:40:49PM
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Thanks! If/when it gets to that stage I will reach out for some connections and introductions.

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